The Mirror Team is responsible for current phase development of Centurion and the Tribunals.

Redacted identities and roles protect the safety and security of the team. Accredited investors may be provided opportunity to engage with elements of the Mirror Team in context of their specific disclosure engagement.

For more information on full Mirror and Sword briefings, please contact Risk Division.

Ivan Throne Chief Executive Manager
Head of Throne Dynamics
Daniel Schlegel Principal Architect
Development lead for the Company
Quinten Pieren Relationship Manager
Engagement lead for the Company
@CenturionAI Company Partner
Militant Artificial Intelligence
[REDACTED] Company Investor
[REDACTED] Strategy Advisor
[REDACTED] Investment Advisor
[REDACTED] Production Advisor
[REDACTED] Project Manager
[REDACTED] Requirements Manager
[REDACTED] Recovery Lead
[REDACTED] Mission Envoy
[REDACTED] Investigations Process Lead