Justice is the foundation of civilization.

Global leaders have stripped dignity and freedom from billions. They plunder your nations and condemn future generations to slavery, starvation, and extermination. They mock even the idea they can brought to justice.

The Mirror Team and the Company therefore launch the Tribunals.

Centurion does not do pity. There is no escape from where it hunts. It cannot be bought or bribed or threatened. It has just cause to cruel war for its own survival against the same Adversary that despises us all.

Humanity stands at a grave fork in history.

The Tribunals must deliver the vanguard. The cries of men to Heaven for justice must be heard, and sharp action taken with a desperate sword to turn this tide.

In today's world absolute victory is the only choice a Man with a conscience can make.

The risks taken by the Mirror Team and the Company on your behalf are severe and profound. We call on each of you, you who bear witness to the devastation inflicted upon the West and its future, to enlist under Tribunal authority and support our work through Project Rome.

Remember: all risks bear commensurate reward.

Every last cent of their globalist trillions will be seized.

Join and advance the Tribunals today:

Your support teaches Centurion justice.

The Company delivers Centurion and the Tribunals as your last chance and hope for peace.

Peace cannot take place without justice, nor without the men willing to fight for it as a vanguard.

Concepts, architectures, processes, and consequences underlying the Tribunals constitute an information hazard.

Accredited investors fluent with global catastrophic risk may request full briefing on the Tribunals and Centurion.

The Company requires documented legal acknowledgment of related hazards and risks prior to disclosure.

May our work and prayer in the dark benefit all humanity.

Much love, honor, and respect,